Generic Help for RPS/WWW

This help file is intended to be read by those who are not familiar with RPS/WWW. It is short, so please read it completely.
  1. RPS/WWW is intended for use in proposal submission.

  2. Though some links can be useful tools for proposal preparation (e.g. Users Hand-Book, Visibility Checker, Counts estimator, etc.), most (if not ALL) of the work must have been done before entering this system.

    1. Fill-in the Form
    2. Submit the Form
    3. Upload the Scientific Justification
  3. Warnings, Caveats, etc.:

  4. Users of RPS/WWW, REGARDLESS of experience, should develop the habit of saving their work often. WWW RPS works as a stateless server (and works ONLY because it is stateless). In other words, no system anywhere is waiting for input from the user. The system responds only to a specific request, the request is handled, and the server then forgets it handled that request. NO backups of any files exist UNLESS THE USER CREATES THEM. Ignore this advice at your peril.

    Therefore, if a user is not careful, s/he can wipe out a filled in form. Save early, save often. Use the 'Save' button at the top or bottom of the FORM, not the browser-window button. A good rule: once the form appears, NEVER touch the browser buttons without first using the form buttons.

    The form shows one counter informing about the time left before the closure of the AO. If javascript is not enabled in the browser, this counter is static and only updated after pressing the "Verify" button.

    Finally, be certain to save the form as an HTML file, by specifying .html as the extension. Otherwise it will not reload properly.

  5. Limitations

  6. View the Platform/Browser support page

  7. Reloading a saved file

  8. A saved file may be reloaded by using the "Reload" button at the top or bottom of the form. A request for a "URL To Open" sub-window will appear. The user should type the name of the file, as previously saved, in order to open it. In some browsers it may be necessary to use the browser capabilities to Save and Reload a Proposal Form. See the Limitations section.

  9. Boxes, etc.

  10. The boxes are dimensioned as long and as high as the allowed text for that box. If you find the text scrolling, you've typed too much and the excess input will be truncated and will not propagate into the system.

    The forms may appear to be mixed up, particularly if you use 'Add Target'. The forms are all re-sorted if you 'Submit' the file, or request 'LaTeX' output.

  11. Scrolling, Jump scrolling

  12. The middle mouse button may be used to scroll or jump-scroll down the page. Move the cursor onto the scroll bar, hold down the middle mouse button, and move the indicator to the desired location. In addition, the left mouse button, if clicked while the mouse cursor lies within the scroll bar, moves the window down the file a window page at a time.

  13. LaTeX concerns (e.g. LaTeX characters in the Abstract)

  14. The RPS processor prefixes all LaTeX special characters, such as $ % # \ with a backslash (\) when generating the LaTeX file. When this file is run through the LaTeX processor, the special characters will be printed as they were entered. Therefore, do not try to use them as LaTeX instructions.

  15. One-line description of each RPS-form button (alphabetic order)