XMM-Newton RPS Platform/Browser support

The basic support provided by the HEASARC RPS tool can be checked at the HEASARC RPS Supported Platforms and Browsers web page.

The XMM-Newton SOC has, in addition, checked a set of Platforms and Browsers using the XMM-Newton RPS version to verify the functionality on other platforms and with more recent versions of web Browsers.

  1. Browsers
    • Firefox/Netscape
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Chrome
  2. Platforms
    • Windows
    • Solaris
    • Linux
    • MacOS

General Limitations found

Limitations found (apart from the different rendering provided by different Browsers) are related to the HTML Form tag "Type=file", used in three of the XMM-Newton HRPS functions, namely, Save, Reload and Upload. These limitations are documented below.
For the other functions no limitation has been found. Details on their use are also given below.


Save Reload

XMM-Newton RPS uses a pseudo-file upload mechanism for these two actions. Not all Browsers support this feature as the RFC standard (RFC 1867) does not define precisely how to transfer a full file name (for a detailed description you may check the following article on File input in HTML forms). For instance, most versions of MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) and Netscape do support this facility but, for example, Netscape 7 does not.
If this functionality is not supported by your Browser (e.g.: your attempts to Reload fail) then you may use the Browser "Open File" or "Save Page As" buttons to achieve the same functionality.
It is recommended that immediately after using the Browser's "Open File" functionality you should use "Verify" to check the consistency of the Proposal Form.

Neither MSIE 3.xx nor Netscape 7.xx support these functions.


Works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. To automatically view the resulting Pdf make sure you have the appropriate plug-in for Pdf viewing, e.g: ghostview associated to MIME type application/pdf (pdf suffix). If no plug-in is associated then you will be prompted to save the file.


Works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. To automatically view the resulting Latex file make sure you have the appropriate plug-in for Latex Document viewing. If no plug-in is associated then you will be prompted to save the file.


Works on all Mozilla 3, 4, 5 compliant Browsers (most of all currently available Browsers). Note that the file upload facility was available only to Netscape until a few of years ago, so there is no guarantee that older browsers will support this facility.
MSIE 3.0 will only work with the "file upload patch" (aka MSIE 3+) and for Windows 98 or later.


Works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. This returns the Proposal Form, flagging those fields found to contain errors. If no error is found the message indicates that the Proposal Form is ready for submission.


Works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. The response to a successful submission is the Proposal Form with a message quoting the Unique Proposal Identifier (to be used for Upload of the Justification).

Note: Always Verify a Proposal Form before submission. If you submit a Proposal Form without verification the results are un-predictable.

Add Observation

Works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. Note that to clone an Observation it must be displayed in the Proposal Form (expand Observation by clicking on the blue triangle to toggle it ON - before performing the cloning).

Delete Observation

works on all checked Platforms/Browsers. Note that to delete an observation it has to be already marked for deletion in the Observation Form.

Specific Limitations found

Users of MS Internet Explorer may observe that certain constraints which are automaticaly set up in other navigators (as the Time constraints automatically filled up when selecting RGS Multipointing) are not triggered automatically, and must be set manually by the user. However, verify functionality works well, and any verification process of wrongly entered data will display the proper warning/error messages.

If your Platform/Browser combination does not properly work according to the guidelines provided in this page, please report it to the XMM-Newton Helpdesk. Please, try to provide details on the used Platform and Browser used.

Reported anomalies

Currently: None

Page last updated on July 30, 2010